1984 - 2020
36 years of existence


When it was founded in 1984, Delices DADA chose urban and natural landscapes as its field of experimentation for an amusing - or disturbing - confrontation of theatrical writing and practice with the everyday environment.

Developed without borrowing from existing texts, the company’s investigations favour speech and the creation of scripts that justify bringing the audience into movement. They use the atmosphere of landscapes they have traversed and most often incite a close actor/spectator relationship. They set themselves apart from the experience and questions of our time, taking their register from absurd humour, surrealism, and the fantastic.
Dadaist guided tours, marathon poetry, strange celebrations by indigenous people emerging from out of nowhere, tragedy thrown into the street, dark nocturnal intrigues, and disturbing encounters with The Geography of Borders are but a few examples of productions from this company that seeks to offer to everyone’s eyes and ears delectable flashes of collective imagination.
The Company’s work regularly pursues the creation of works that are not truly textual, based on invented languages (DALANGUE, LES TRAGÉDIQUES, and INDIGÈNES) or on an absence of language to the benefit of novel sound mediums (interludes in L’AUDITION, RUSH(s)).
The 4 seasons is of part and parcel of such research, the enormous particularity here being the diversion of a classical work and the use of animated figures.
Delices DADA, a pioneering French street theatre company, is based in the south of France, where some fifteen people from a wide range of backgrounds work together. Its productions have been seen in France and abroad: Germany, Belgium, Canada, Spain, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, Poland, and Switzerland.



Musical menu2345678
From Mussorgsky to Bizet, Étienne Delmas to Willem Breuker, or a Maoist choir served by the staff of a fine restaurant dressed to the nines.


The Hunt of the Marquis of Dada a bc
The deployment, around a motorized hunting pavilion, of a crew as ridiculous as it is superb, musically illustrating the various incidents of a senseless hunt.


The Dadabrass Orkestraab
Delices DADA joined forces with MusicaBrass for an impressive instrumental ensemble from a long-lost and faraway utopian republic.


Circuit D., guided toursabcdefgh
The implementation of a form of narrative intervention produced on and for the sites that receive it, it has continued ever since to trail its iconoclastic guides and off-beat characters around France and the French-speaking world.


A turbulent dive into the recesses of cities and the psychiatric universe for a very intimist "journey-show" imagined as a game of false clues.


Interrogation as direct descendant of celebration via an extravagant and lyrical liturgy, the meaning of which even those who perform it have lost..


24 hours of Poetry bcdeeefghi
Blasts of poetry deployed over a period of 24 hours or for 3 ½ hours continuously, offered by a circle of Noisist, Lettrist, Dadaist poets, all of them completely outsiderist-artists.


Les Tragédiquesbcdefg
A tragedy "out on the streets", presented in an invented language, like a violent and expressive sound score addressed to the urban landscape.


The Schroeder Donationbcdefgh
A nocturnal exploration for 300 people of a closed universe inhabited by unheard-of characters who have become the object of a debate about the future of the city.


The Auditionabcdefg
A futuristic "meeting show" returns to the public square, questioning modernity, the future, and the notion of anonymity.


Indigènes a b c d e f g
A "Romeo and Juliet" from before writing, like an archaic hymn performed by eleven native people who have emerged from nowhere.


An eventful imbroglio for nine characters ranging from gray to every shade of black, five vehicles, a moped, some lampposts, barking, and deserted streets.


Rives & Dérives (Rifts & Drifts) z a b c d e f g hi
An encounter by the waterside for a celebration of Sainte Yorre, with a succession of characters discussing their relationship to water, with matter, what's the matter with water…and, at last, the miraculous virtues of a certain water.


A kinetic review in 38 sequences, one special effect, and several issues.


The 4 Deaths of President Petit a bcdefg
A satirical-historical discrepancy in 4 scenes recreating 4 contradictory versions of the death, in 1911, of president Emile Petit. "Any resemblance to existing individuals should not be ruled out.".


Rousseau of the Fields z abcdefgh
A surprising approach to the Enlightenment philosopher mixing passionate speeches, intriguing soundscapes, and surrealist images.


The Geography of Edges
Deliciously disorienting and poetic, a timeless project bringing together 8 cosmopolitan geographers determined to upset, for three hours, our vision of the universe.


The 4 Seasons
[for any international audience]
DADA has finally caught VIVALDI with this caustic version of his 4 Seasons, a ballet of carried images that make up an AMAZING HYMN TO LIFE DADA at top speed! 



This type of project is based on the writing and implementation of a scenario in movement that connects unexpected theatrical situations, lodges itself as closely as possible in each of the explored venues, and gives back - according to circumstances and how it unfolds - an absurd, tragic, surrealist, dreamlike, amusing, or poetic rereading that is completely new each time.

1985 Ça bouge à Aurillac Événement estival, Service Culturel Municipal. 1987 Étonnez-moi DADA Soirée de remise des prix du Festival du film de Belfort. 1989 La mort de Reiner Soirée de remise des prix de Grenoble Polar. 1990 Enterrement du Festival de St Jean de Braye, Centre Culturel de St Jean de Braye (45). 1994 Les Délices de Calais Manifestations liées à l'Ouverture du Tunnel sous la Manche, La descente au Cratère Ouverture de saison de la Scène Nationale d'Alès. 1995 Opération T.P.T.  théâtre pour tous Ouverture de saison de la Scène Nationale de Calais, Rêves de marin Festival Grains de Folie à Brest. 1996 Oraison Déraison Festival la saint gaudingue à Saint Gaudens, Le Salon de la Voyance et du Fourrage  Sacré Nombril à Pougne Hérisson. 1998 Viva Fetiva Ouverture du Festival International de Théâtre de rue d’Aurillac – Delices DADA et Cie OFF. Production ÉCLAT Aurillac (15). 1999 Enlèvement demandé Les Ponctuations à Saint-Gaudens et Carbone coréalisation - le Phun / Kumulus / Delices Dada, Fonds de mémoire - Mémoires de fond Festival Cratère Surface Scène Nationale d'Alès. 2000 Les causeries ombilicologiques Sacré Nombril à Pougne Hérisson. 2002 Utile - Inutile Installation plastique et sonore pour la Galerie de l'Ancienne Poste Scène Nationale de Calais, Dumas, Dantès, Dada au Château d'If à Marseille dans le cadre du Bicentenaire d'Alexandre Dumas, Centre des Monuments Nationaux. 2003 Modalités de passage  Festival Octobre en Normandie.2004 Le cas du Musée d'Arras Théâtre d'Arras - Lille 2004, La mission Scaramus Festival Les Grands Chemins - Ax les Thermes (09), Marges et Manœuvres Skipper Logistique - La Voulte (07), Le rallye des dix manches sud de la Drôme pour 200 concurrents/spectateurs et 48 voitures ; coréalisation Delices DADA / Kumulus. 2005 Indigènes - Rendez-vous en pleine montagne Parc naturel régional du Vercors, Affaire classée Festival Quais du Polar de la Ville de Lyon 2006 Insomnies Printanières Toulouse Musée des Augustins, TNT et Pronomades en Haute Garonne. 2007 Épitaphes abc Co-réalisation Delices DADA / Lola Muance à St Pierre d'Aulnay de Saintonge, dans le cadre des Nuits Romanes de la Région Poitou-Charentes. 2008 Cheval DADA Palais idéal du Facteur Cheval, Hauterives (26), coréalisation Delices DADA / Lola Muance. 2010 META GLOBAL PROJECT Sacré Nombril à Pougne Hérisson. 2011 Le Trauma du FA# Sirènes et Midi Net - Lieux Publics Marseille. 2016 350éme anniversaire de l’Académie de France à Rome Villa Médicis Rome a b c . Les Vertiges des Estives Festival des Grands Chemins Ax-les-Thermes (09). 2016 / 17 a a a a a a Sui(vie) de chantier. Chantier théâtral en 5 épisodes - Programmation du Théâtre Jean Vilar Bourgoin-Jallieu (38). 2018 ARRÊTS SUR Image, Parcours / spectacle proposé sur 4 territoires isérois. Commande du département de l’Isère dans le cadre de l'événement Paysage > Paysages initié par LABORATOIRE.a b c d e f g h i j k




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