The 4 Seasons


Vivaldi finally caught by DADA


[for any international audience]

The 4 Seasons is musical, circular, nocturnal, non-textual theater that evokes Time with as little seriousness as can be imagined.

Between respect and reappropriation, a remarkable musical and humorous seesaw is guaranteed, in stereo broadcast, via the arrangement of the original for saxophones, and, live, via sound additions by two chorus members as effective as they are eccentric.

A visual construction in mute tableaux using painted figurines and intended to evoke the earliest times of a street theater very distant from the literary.
A conception borrowing from pastiche, faux circus, and the poetic feat with care by each actor to prolong the images they bear by endowing them with a dynamic in harmony with the variations of the music.

A rotating stage design as much for the audience - placed in the center and invited at each changing of the season to complete a quarter turn toward the next one - as for the actors, who, surrounding the audience, abandon themselves to a an unbaiting ballet of carried images until in the finale a farandole brings together the two occupiers of this ephemeral poetic space.

Contrasting with the sobriety of the staging and the rigor of the actors' performances are excesses of absurdity and gentle derision and a contemporary and heterogeneous imagery that provide a sensation of gaiety and liberty.
Could Vivaldi have written his 4 SEASONS especially for Delices DADA?

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