Circuit D.

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The Street Upended in 3 Winks

To invite Circuit D. (Guided Tours) is to entrust a city, a site, a landscape to the trained eye of a team of actors who have become experts in the absurd and savage rewriting of local history:

3 licensed guides for 3 different tours, 3 offbeat characters to meet as the tour progresses, 1 whimsical museum borrowed from local history and its curator in charge of welcoming guests, 1 electrical connection, 60 chairs, 1 1/2 day and 1 night of cerebral


Point by point, detail by detail, the elements on view create and serve as visual proof of terribly disheveled histories…and our familiar environment topples into the extravagant, the fantastic, the incongruous. An enjoyable folly that gains ground since 1989, a lasting remedy against the weight of heritage and the excess of reason.

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circuit D