Aurillac Festival, end of the season – 13/09/2018

 (…) in great shape, Delices Dada, inviting the audience to an evening concert in a high school courtyard. On the programme, Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons, rearranged by Chris Chanet with the active participation of the opera singer Clarisse Piroud. An exquisitely Dada hour indeed, sprinkled with zany notes - pantomimes, digressions, plays on words, and philosophical interrogations - without ever dropping the melodic thread. A perfect theatrical and musical jewel, both in style and content, with, it should be noted, a square staging concept that guarantees no spectators are left out. At each changing of the season, the audience placing is modified; those in the front row for Spring will be at the back for Winter.

René Solis


La Dispute on France Culture   17/09/2018

The favorite of René SOLIS 

"…it’s pure Delices Dada style, at once totally zany, completely minimalist, with practically nothing, a pantomime, a few objects, heaps of stuff, and all with incredible artistic rigor. A terrific show!"


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